Welcome to Rocky and Skipper Pet Services.

Our main goal is to provide good care of your dog(s) during the day or during your vacations.

Here we want your dog to feel like home.

More information about our dogs:


Young and playful and has learned to socialize and to be well behaved when left alone.


Loves to sleep and welcome new doggie friends. He is a senior boy but still full of energy.

Dog walking

Dog wellness

Dog pick up and drop off

Dog socialization

Taking dog to vet or salon

Our Job

We take care of dogs daily including weekends. We provide personal care and love to all dogs. Our dogs are healthy, fully vaccinated, they have the collar against ticks and worms. Our dogs are not aggressive, they are super friendly and they love being around us.

To make sure your dog will be happy with us, we offer you 1 day of 12 hours at our place, your dog will have enough time to meet our dogs and us. We can schedule the day that is more convenient for you. We will love to hear from you and we will need you to write or let us know the most important things that your dog likes or dislikes, and all the information we will need to know about the medicine, allergies, walking and eating schedule, and everything that you think is important for us to know.

We have taken care of different type of dogs and we love all dogs of different sizes, we have learned basic training. would love to meet you soon with your dogs.

About Us

We started to take care of dogs since we were living in Brno, now we have been living in Prague for more than 2 years and since then we have taken care of a lot beautiful dogs. We have experience how to take good care of them and also how to provide happiness and peace of mind to the dog owners that trust us with their dogs. We see our dogs as family and we understand that you want to be informed about how is your dog doing daily because you miss them a lot and you want to be sure that if something will happen. You will know someone will be there to take care of your dog like: bathing if he had an accident, going to the hospital if he got ill, going or continue an special diet if needed, providing his daily medicine in case he is on medication and everything that concerns to his health and training.


If you need more information or if you have any concerns, please drop us a message on our page or send an e-mail to: info@rockyandskipper.com

Prague, Czech Republic